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Psychotherapy Maple Grove | Psychiatrists Maple Grove
763-416-4167Maple Grove, MN
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Tele-Therapy Services
We are proud to offer tele-therapy services to clients seeking help who may not be able to make it to our clinic. You can access care from the comfort of your home, office, college dorm, or any secure location.
Counseling & Psychotherapy
Our psychologist and therapists are highly trained specialists who will work with you in counseling to educate and teach you the tools necessary to be successful and improve your well being.
Psychiatry & Medication
Our team of psychiatrists specializes in finding the right medication to help relieve your symptoms. Their expertise is instrumental is treating complicated conditions and getting you back on your feet.
Psychological Testing
With specialized testing we can diagnose issues such as ADHD (Children and Adults), Learning Disabilities, IQ, Personality issues, and neuropsychological screens for dementia or other organic disorders.
We look forward to helping you
Fill out a request and we will contact you to schedule your appointment… or you can call us at 763-416-4167

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Your First Visit

What should I expect from my first appointment? Do I need to bring anything? What forms should I fill out or be prepared to fill out?

Articles of Interest

Our articles of interest highlight various issues such ADHD, Panic Attacks, Bipolar Disorder, Addiction, and many more. This educational series explains the issue, its symptoms, how it’s treated, and what you can do about it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about accepting insurance? Can I get an evening or weekend appointment? Check our frequently asked questions or contact us at 763-416-4167.

Specialized Addiction Counseling

At Innovative Psychological Consultants our clinicians have specialized training and skills in working with clients who struggle with most types of addictions. Come see us to secure your future sobriety.