I.P.C. comes directly to you. We are proud to offer tele-therapy services to clients seeking help who may not be able to make it to our clinic. You can access care from the comfort of your home, office, college dorm, or any secure location.

We use the OnCall Health video platform which can be used from any device or mobile phone. OnCall Health uses an encrypted platform and meets all HIPAA standards for security and confidentiality.

Who is Tele-Therapy for?

  • Clients with schedules that are too busy to get away from the office
  • Clients with medical conditions preventing you from getting to our office
  • Couples or families who struggle to find times that work for everyone
  • Clients that simply prefer to do therapy from home
  • Clients who run into childcare, work conflicts, car problems, or weather concerns
  • Clients living in rural areas with limited services
  • Students going away to college somewhere in Minnesota
  • Clients with travel anxiety or agoraphobia

How Does it Work?

Simply contact our office to schedule your online tele-therapy session. You will receive an email once we book the appointment time with OnCall. There will be a link in the email directing you to download the software or app onto your device. You will also receive some forms via OnCall to complete prior to your first appointment and submit online. Now you are ready for your first session. You will get a reminder email prior to the start of your session. At the designated time, simply log in and wait for your session to start.


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How to Prepare for Your Online Counseling Appointment

Follow the instructions in the appointment confirmation email to set up your OnCall Profile and complete the consents for treatment and tele-therapy. Please try to do this at least 3 hours prior to the start of your online session to allow for adequate time to download and test the platform.
Download the OnCall App and ensure that you have the most recent version of Google Chrome, as this browser will provide the best experience. Please ensure that you have a strong internet connection and adequate modem speed.

Find a comfortable, private place to conduct your online session. Feel free to use headphones or ear buds for optimal sound quality during your session.