By: Chris Anderson Psy.D

The idea of confidence basically comes down to believing in one’s self, abilities, judgments, and one’s ability to be successful. It also suggests a degree of being humble, for having too much confidence can tend to come off as arrogant and cocky. All people deal with moments and periods where they lack confidence, such as trying something new or where the stakes might be high. For many people however, they feel plagued by regular and routine insecurity, low self-esteem, and self-doubt.

Self-Confidence Benefits

Research finds a lot of benefits that come with having self-confidence. As a group, people who feel self-confident tend to feel a greater sense of happiness in their lives. Those with self-confidence tend to be in better physical health, have better social lives, have greater self-efficacy which is the ability be successful with tasks, coping, and problem solving. Self-confidence also seems to serve as a protective factor against mental health issues and social problems. Long term studies have found that kids with high self-confidence tend to be better in school and have high job satisfaction later in life. In short, self-confidence appears to produce greater self-esteem, freedom from self-doubt, more energy and motivation, greater social friendships and interaction, freedom from fear and anxiety, and a more global sense of enjoyment in life.

Building Self Confidence

Sounds great; how do I get some of that? There are many paths to building self-confidence, many of which include removing internal mental and emotional barriers and obstacles. Often low self-esteem and self-deprecation need to be addressed and remedied in order to set the stage for building self-confidence. Conquering oneself has been said to be on the greatest conquests we can embark upon. Clearing the field is usually step one, but that alone is often not enough. Martin Seligman, noted psychologist and theorist, says that positive self-image by itself does not produce anything. He goes on to say, “Well-being cannot exist in our own head. It is a combination of actually having meaning, good relationships, and accomplishment.” In sum, clearing the field is necessary, but not sufficient to build self-confidence. True self-confidence comes from doing. Mastery is the true building blocks of self-confidence. Only by taking risks, practicing, and improving our skills will true self-confidence develop.

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