What Do We Know About Laughter?

Laughter seems to be a uniquely human characteristic and experience. Despite this fact, there is little that is known about how it operates or what function it serves. Some researchers believe it may promote social bonding within groups. Others believe laughter may have been a way to relate millions of years before language developed. Evidence suggests it may be hard wired as evidenced by infants as young as 17 days old have been observed laughing long before any comprehension could occur. Similarly, children born both blind and deaf have the ability to laugh. Although many people enjoy good comedians and humorous stories, studies find people laugh much more in social interactions. The contagiousness of laughter seems to help bond people together.

Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

As it turns out, there are a number of health benefits that stem from laughter. It has been shown to boost the immune system, facilitate circulation in the body, and relax muscles. Laughter releases endorphins, can mask pain, protects against heart disease, and sharpens memory. It is also good for our mental health. It helps relieve tension and stress, reduce anxiety, improves mood and can be a healthy coping mechanism.

How Does Laughter Affect Relationships?

As noted above, many believe laughter facilitates peer relationships, but it can also enhance romantic relationships. When prospecting mates it seems laughter can bolster attractiveness. Funny people are viewed as more social and intelligent. Women tend to seek men with a good sense of humor. Women have a greater appreciation for humor and laughter. Women laugh 126% more than men. Interestingly, laughter can also improve your sex life. One study found women with partners that have a good sense of humor have more orgasms and stronger orgasms. Laughter also seems to improve the longevity of relationships. Couples who laugh together report more relationship satisfaction and stay together longer than couples who have less laughter.

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