What Types of Psychotherapy Are There?

All counselors, therapists, and psychologists learn from a number of different theoretical orientations in the delivery of counseling. Each provider often finds an approach that resonates with them during their education and training. Most providers might tell you they are eclectic in their approach to therapy, meaning they draw from a number of different styles and approaches. That said, most have a dominant style they lean towards in the conceptualization of client issues and how they go about treating those issues. Below are some of the most commonly utilized styles and approaches.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This approach has been backed by decades of research and is found to be one of the most research backed and supported types of therapy. It is particularly effective in treating many forms of anxiety disorders, depression, and substance abuse issues. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) examines a person’s underlying thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that may be negativistic and irrational and works to identify and replace them with more effective and realistic thought patterns. An example is perfectionism and helping a person modify this belief system into something that is more attainable and achievable.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Born from psychoanalytic therapy, which was one of the first approaches to counseling, this approach focuses on interpersonal relationships, family of origin issues, and better understanding underlying and unconscious drivers that cause people and act and behavior the way they do.

Humanistic Person-Centered Therapy

Carl Rogers in the 1940’s developed an approach to therapy that’s goal was to provide a safe, supportive, empathetic environment that allowed clients to explore and process through their issues. This approach trusts that needed issues will come to the surface and most clients have the ability to talk through and process through issues findings solutions to their own problems and finding the resolution they need given the proper environment of support.

Post Modern Approaches

There is a group of styles and approaches that include narrative therapy, social construction, and solution focused therapy which are newer approaches that believe we can help clients examine the stories they have come to believe about themselves and others. Through examination and analysis, it is possible to re-write and find different ways of seeing ourselves and others. Old beliefs and outlooks are not cast in stone and are amendable to change and a more accurate view.

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